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                                                   Policies / Procedures Page  

Cancellation/No Show Policy:

Please call to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before your appointment is scheduled.  If you cancel your session within 24 hours of your scheduled time, or you fail to show up, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee prior to your next appointment.  The cancellation fees are, as follows:

Canceling, or not showing up for a…
    30 minute massage:  $10
    60 or 75 minute massage:  $15
    90 minute massage:  $20
    120 minute massage: $30

Late Policy:

If you are more than 7 minutes late for your appointment, you will have this time subtracted from your session.  When you make an appointment, you are being given the time needed for the duration of your massage session. 

*For example, if your appointment is at 5:45 and you arrive at 6, fifteen minutes will be subtracted from your session to ensure the person after you will not have to wait for their appointment.  However, you can be up to 7 minutes late and not be deducted any time off of your session.

About Rebooking Discounts:

Receive $5 off of your next session by scheduling your next visit before leaving the office.  

If you are already receiving a discounted service, you will not be eligible to receive this offer (ie:  health insurance discounts).   Canceling your appointment and not rescheduling it for a later or earlier date before your appointment is scheduled will cause you to forfeit this discount.  Gift certificates are also not eligible for the rebooking special; however, if you will not be using a gift certificate at the time of your next appointment, you will be eligible to receive $5 off of your next session. 

About Discounts:

Insurance– You are eligible to receive a 20% discount on any 30 or 60 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage service just for having health insurance!  See menu for pricing.  This discount cannot be combined with the rebooking discount.  You will receive $2 off of your 60 minute session when you rebook before leaving the office, so you will be charged $50 on your next visit.          

Gift Certificates

Purchased for a special–
You may redeem gift certificates for the special indicated on the certificate, or for the dollar amount the certificate was purchased for.   Sorry, certificates cannot be split into separate sessions on discounted services.  However, the dollar amount the certificate was purchased for may be used for/on multiple sessions.

Can I use my insurance discount to purchase a gift certificate?-  Insurance discounts cannot be applied to a gift certificate purchase.  They must be purchased at the regular price, or at the current special price, if one is being offered.

Adding time-  Time may be added to gift certificates purchased for specials, or at the regular price, in 15 minute increments at $10 per increment; up to a two hour session.  Extra time cannot be added to a session using the above increments with insurance, specials, or other any other discount, unless a gift certificate was purchased and is being used for the massage session receiving the additional time.   


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